At GUDO, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to make their best life a reality while leaving a positive footprint on the world.





We provide sustainable, beach-inspired apparel and gear, inviting others to join our tight-knit tribe. Our brand DNA can be defined by the following five core values:


  1. Beach Life-Inspired: The beach lifestyle remains our primary source of inspiration. Replete with natural beauty that earns our admiration, the beach also presents a laidback culture that supports and welcomes every lifestyle - a haven for every individual.


  1. Individual Expression: It’s no secret that humans reflect their personalities and values through the things they wear. Uniqueness and originality are at the core of our brand, reinforced by our timeless, minimalist designs that will remain in style for years to come.


  1. Functionality, Comfort, and Innovation: Behind every exceptional product is a superior blend of functionality, comfort, and innovation. Never willing to cut corners, we check all the boxes before putting our name on any product we offer.


  1. Quality and Reliability: Our long-lasting products are intended to endure every adventure. We spare no cost for the best eco-friendly materials and methods to perpetuate high-quality slow fashion, granting complete satisfaction and peace of mind.


  1. Sustainable and socially conscious: We recognize that we are merely visitors on this planet, and our footprint during this journey must be positive for both the earth and our fellow voyagers sharing our world, animals and plant life included. We maintain a sustainable approach that nurtures the planet by offsetting our carbon footprint and supporting a wide range of preservation programs that share our values. Our commitment to slow fashion reminds us of our greater responsibility to reverse damage caused by the industry. Finally, we use our platform to spread our mission and voice our beliefs while encouraging others to do the same, reinforcing our dedication to leaving a positive mark on our world.       





We create high-quality, beach-inspired apparel and gear that allow everyone to carry out their dream lifestyle with ease. Our collection of stylish flip flops strikes the perfect balance between fashion and function, featuring XLEXTRALIGHT® featherlight material and a patented footbed design that stimulates reflexology pressure points, our flip flops grant massaging comfort and a bounce in every step.


Our pursuits don’t stop there. We aim to expand our catalog and introduce beach-inspired apparel and gear that presents the same quality and sustainability as our signature flip flops, allowing everyone to curate a laidback, eco-friendly wardrobe.





Our early adopters are like-minded, socially conscious beach bums. But in reality, GUDO is for everyone. We cater to eco-conscious individuals that want to shop intentionally for their unique lifestyles, from sun seekers and globe trotters to city cruisers and home dwellers.